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Fantasy, horror and sci fi. Compelling characters. Unique story telling.

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Detective Sal Welles is on the trail of her friend's killer. But her world is about to be turned upside-down. An attempt on her life leads to a trail of bodies and a wider conspiracy. Yet, this is only the beginning. The consequences of a hundred year old shift in reality are now coming to light. Shape-changing horrors. Time travel. Alternate realities. And at the heart of it all, the vampiric darklings.


Welcome to Shadow Earth.



When the overly curious Max drags his big sister Beth to peek at the mysterious phenomenon of light known as the Orb, they are hurled into an icy wilderness where a desolate population live under the shadow of a deadly prophecy. When their father tries to find them, he realises time and fate have been compromised and so must break the curse of his own obsession before he loses his children forever. 

A singular sci fi fantasy adventure.

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A new world is here, but where does it lead? Dan knows people are disappearing but after a series of strange encounters in London, he’s doing everything to make sure he’s not next. Sam has been blessed by a miracle but now she can see, everything is more frightening. And Cassie, who used to be a rebellious teenager, is now a goat, lost in the woods, and there's a very large wolf about...


Step inside the Devil's Fairy Tale.

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One man’s future is another man’s hell.

In post-apocalyptic Britain, an ambitious young man is sent to an isolated bunker where he must persuade a renowned professor to help rebuild civilisation. But the professor’s help will come at a price the idealistic visitor is not ready to pay. 

A sci fi horror novella.




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