A snow-bound dark fairy tale wrapped up in a time-twisting sci-fi adventure.

When the overly curious Max drags his big sister Beth to peek at the mysterious phenomenon of light known as the Orb, they are hurled into an icy wilderness where a desolate population live under the shadow of a deadly prophecy. When their father tries to find them, he realises that time and fate have been compromised and so must break the curse of his own obsession before he loses his children forever.

'The ice age setting, combining futuristic tech and prehistoric myth was like nothing I’ve ever read before.'

'Gripping, complex and unexpectedly poignant.'


Sal Welles is looking for a killer. But her world is about to be torn apart as she uncovers a disturbing and terrifying truth about the man she’s been looking for. When she meets Hannah, an embittered teenage orphan poised to give herself to the dark forces gathering around them, Sal's attempt to save her drags them all into the deadly mindscape of the killer and his otherworldly guardians.

The first novel in the TRASIS series. Available now

“Beautifully written, wonderfully mysterious and often terrifying.”

“I was hooked from the first paragraph. The characterization was immediate and the writing visceral.”

“This novel had me absolutely hooked.”

"Stuffed full of great characters, mystery, action and suspense." 

The Strange Case of Sarah Wynter

​When Booth, a reclusive crime writer, runs into the distraught and desperate Sarah Wynter, he agrees to help find out who is following her. Yet neither of them are prepared for what follows as they are sucked into the nightmare of a man driven mad by his involvement with a secret society known as the Brothers of the Night Star. 

The second novel in the TRASIS series

To be published in late 2020


Jack Ferris is stuck. 

In the car journey from hell. At home with his tyrannical stepfather. And in a deserted office complex where a vampire is hunting him.

But Jack knows not all of these situations are real. He must unlock the riddle of his disintegrating life and face the mysterious Walter before it becomes too late to return to reality.

"Mind-bending cosmic horror"


A TRASIS novella

Available now

The Devil's

Fairy Tale

The Devil's Fairy Tale

The Gate is here but where does it lead? Dan knows people are disappearing and is doing everything to make sure he's not next. Sam has been blessed by a miracle but now everything looks more frightening, and why doesn't anyone else see how dangerous things have become? Cassie used to be a teenager but now she's a goat, lost in the woods, and there's a very large wolf about.

Series coming in 2021

Artwork: Trois Femmes et Trois Lupes by Eugene Samuel Grasset


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