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Everything will depend on three children unlocking the secrets of The Devil’s Fairy Tale


From a corrupt and collapsing modern-day London, three teenagers must journey into a nightmarish landscape of twisted fairy tales, and unravel the secrets and devilish intentions at the heart of an approaching and seemingly all-powerful darkness.

The Devil's Fairy Tale is a fantasy horror series coming in 2023

"To find a superlative addition to the genre is rare, but The Devil’s Fairy Tale by Greg Stewart is a reason for all fairy tale fans to celebrate. It is something new, in a very old and revered form. I can’t remember the last time I saw a modern writer add to the classic form made famous by the Brothers Grimm."


"The plot was unique. I have certainly never read anything of its like before. The characters are exceptionally well developed."

"I enjoyed every minute of The Wolf In The Woods. With a wide cast of witches, dwarves, and many more, Stewart’s characters come together in a unique tale that one cannot help but love."

"The writing is superb. I have only seen this done so well in this genre by the great Neil Gaiman."

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